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About Chris

Christopher Marino was born and raised in New York City to an American Italian family. He graduated from Penn State University in the year 2000 and began a promising career at a private hedge fund in New York City. Nearly a decade later, the housing market bubble burst and Chris found himself at a crossroads. He viewed this as a unique opportunity to reflect on how he would want to spend his future. It became clear he wanted to transition into a career that was more hands on and above all, one that he was genuinely passionate about. This led him to pursue a career in the culinary arts.

Being from Italian descent, he chose to study Italian Culinary Arts at the International Culinary Center in SoHo, New York and in Parma, Italy at ALMA Scuola di Cucina. Following graduation Christopher trained at a now three Michelin starred restaurant, Uliassi, in the coastal town of Senigallia in Southern Italy. Little did he know…

Chris then returned to the US and gained experience in both catering and in high-end hotel settings. He then returned to his alma mater, the ICC as a Lead Chef/Instructor, where he taught the classical French and Italian curriculum, and met Marjorie on her first day as a culinary student pursuing a Diploma in Classical Culinary Arts.

After some time spent as an instructor, he had the urge to dive back into the restaurant industry. Christopher worked as Executive Chef under the tutelage of Chef Michael Psilakis. His career then led him to re-enter the hospitality industry at one of the most prestigious hotels in New York City and the world, the Waldorf Astoria. As Chef de Cuisine of Restaurants, Christopher was responsible for revamping the famous Peacock Alley Sunday brunch and re-introducing high tea to the Waldorf, with one of New Yorks most regarded weekend tea services in La Chine restaurant. In the winter of 2017, when the Waldorf Astoria was bought by the Chinese Insurance Company Angbang, it was announced that the iconic landmark would be closed indefinitely for renovations. Once again, Chris found himself at a fork in the road.

He is truly at his happiest when he is fully immersed – from growing, cooking, eating, drinking, and breathing everything in the world of food and wine. This led to the decision with Marjorie, his now wife and then soon to be mother of their first child, to jump on the opportunity to run and operate their own olive oil and wine business in Le Marche region of Italy – just up the road from the same coastal town Chris had worked in as a recent culinary school graduate.

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About Marjorie

Marjorie was born in Paris, France to a French Italian father and American mother from Ohio – she was destined for an interesting upbringing.  Due to her father’s path up the corporate ladder, she had a unique childhood with stops in Paris, New York, Brussels, Madrid and Geneva all by her eighteenth birthday. Marjorie started her first semester of college at American University in Washington D.C, but before long she decided that having the Eternal City as her campus while studying classical studies was extremely appealing. She attended John Cabot University in Rome, graduating in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts in Humanistic Studies.

Shortly after school, she began working for IATA (International Air Transport Association) as a financial research analyst with postings in Geneva, Miami and Rome once again. This allowed her to now bridge the gap from the arts world into the business world. Marjorie is what anyone would call a worldly woman with a very high cultural intelligence – speaking four languages, growing up in major cultural centers, traveling near and far across the globe, always absorbing something along the way.  Marjorie is defined by her love of life, by the joy she finds in sharing quality time with her family and friends anywhere around the globe.

Like her soon to be husband, Marjorie had a deep affection to what’s good in life: food and wine.  Knowing that aviation wasn’t the way to her future, she decided to move across the Atlantic once again, starting anew with aspirations of working in the food & beverage industry.  Marjorie arrived in New York City in 2013 to attend ICC (International Culinary Center), where she embarked on something brand new yet very familiar to her heart. Unknowingly, this would be one of the biggest decisions of her life with the events that were about to unfold.

Her French family background guided her to study Classic Culinary Arts, based primarily on French cuisine, and it was there where she met a certain instructor that would win her over.  Upon completion of the program, Marjorie cut her teeth at Lupa Osteria Romana in NYC, rekindling her love of Italian cuisine from her Sicilian grandmother and time spent studying and working in Rome.

Following her time in the kitchen she then spent some time working in a consulting capacity for the food & beverage industry and eventually decided to shift into the events management side. She began work at the events department of a boutique hotel in Williamsburg, Brooklyn known as Wythe Hotel. While seemingly settling in at Wythe Hotel, two major events coincided, her first pregnancy, and the new knowledge that her husband’s place of work was closing and another move might be on the way.  What to do now?

The right thing popped up at the right time, and Marjorie and Chris decided now was the time to venture out on their own, put together all aspects of their careers and step out of city life for a more pure form of living; growing the food and wine they love so much.

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